Sunrise in the Kawarthas


The history of Bobcaygeon goes back a long way. Samuel de Champlain passed through Bobcaygeon during his 1615 military expedition.

By 1869, Bobcaygeon was a village with a population of 800 and the average price of land was $20 per acre. In 1873 ground was broken on what is now called the Bobcaygeon Inn and by 1873 the population had grown to 1,000.

In July1904 the first passenger train came to town. Trains were a regular occurrence until 1957, the railway lands then becoming the Beach Park.

In 1998 The Tragically Hip released the song “Bobcaygeon”. Although it was not specifically written about the town (which was chosen to complete a rhyme), the song has still been culturally associated with Bobcaygeon.

In 2011, as part of Big Music Fest, The Tragically Hip performed a concert in Bobcaygeon. In 2016, a viewing event for the band's final concert in Kingston was held on Bobcaygeon's main street. It was the largest public event in the community's history, with attendance boosted by fans who travelled specifically to Bobcaygeon. A candlelight vigil was held in Bobcaygeon following the death of the band's lead singer and lyricist, Gord Downie.

Things to do in Bobcaygeon

Water is the life blood for Bobcaygeon. Boating and fishing are extremely popular in the region. However, many activities are also popular. Bobcaygeon has many wonderful restaurant and shops (of course our favourite restaurant is at the Bobcaygeon Inn). Other adventures to be had are:

Boating in the Kawarthas